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For over 75 years the Masuyamiso Company has followed the three principals of quality, safety, and trust while becoming a leading producer of miso in Japan.

At Masuyamiso, we manufacture miso (Fermented Soybean Paste) products in Japan, and then supply them throughout the world via a trading company. We can also design and manufacture private brand miso products for customers throughout the world.


our product line
■Miso (Fermented Soybean Paste)

■Miso with Classical Music
We use classical music to ferment Miso. We transfer classical music vibrations during the processing of the miso. This process results in a different taste for the miso. The brand name of this product is ‘Shikinokura.’

■Nabe Sauce,Ramen Soup
We produce many sauces that are used in creating Nabe dishes. NABE is a traditional Japanese dish, created by combining vegetables, meat, and Nabe sauce in a pot. Water is added to this mixture and then brought to a boil. This is a delicious dish enjoyed by many Japanese during the fall and winter season.

We use our Miso in every NABE Sauce product that we make. Some of our Nabe Sauces are- Chanko Nabe (Sumo Wrestler Nabe), Kimchi Nabe (Korean Style), Oyster Nabe, Yose Nabe, Sukiyaki, ETC.


■Stir Fry Sauce
We produce many Stir Fry Sauces using our miso. Our Stir Fry Sauces can be used with a number of different combinations of meat and vegetables. The meat and vegetables are fried in a pan, and the sauce is added during the cooking process. These sauces are quick and easy to use, and give the dish a full, rich flavor. We have different sauces for each type of vegetable used; for example, Mushrooms Sauce, Broccoli Sauce, Bell Pepper Sauce, etc., all of which contain our high quality miso resulting in great taste.

■Instant Miso Soup
We produce many Instant Miso Soups, which have been freeze dried and can be prepared quickly and conveniently by simply adding hot water.

■Private Brand Miso products
We can produce Private Brand Miso and other products for your company. These products will be manufactured using the same standards of quality, safety, and trust. Please contact us regarding pricing and quantity if you are interested in selling your own brand of miso products.

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